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Brickyard Bourbon

In honor of the historic brickyards of Carver County, this bourbon is proof that great whiskey can be made in Minnesota!  This straight bourbon has a mash bill of 71 percent Minnesota corn, 20 percent Minnesota winter wheat, 9 percent malted barley, and has been aged over two years in charred oak barrels coopered in Minnesota.  The wheat in our Brickyard Bourbons offers a softer mouth feel than most, and begs to be sipped.  84 proof


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J. Carver Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon does NOT need to be from Tennessee or Kentucky!  This Minnesota bourbon is the first of a family of J. Carver small batch bourbon whiskies based on grains from local farmers just down the road and aged in charred oak barrels coopered in Minnesota.  Designed to stand out in classic cocktails, the sweetness of corn is bolstered by the spicy, smooth finish of rye. Non-chill filtered.  Mash bill 71 per cent corn, 20 per cent rye, and 9 per cent malted barley. 80 proof