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Runestone Straight Rye

Named after the infamous Kensington Runestone, this straight rye was developed for whiskey aficionados and hardcore rye lovers who are increasingly seeking "all rye" whiskies.  With a mash bill of 86 percent Minnesota rye and 14 percent malted rye, and aged over two years in barrels coopered in Minnesota, this whiskey has an amazing balance of sweetness and spice!  Non-chill filtered. 80 proof


Hunt Club

This limited release whiskey is a "must try" for the rye connoisseur!  After aging J. Carver Rye Whiskey for about a year, that spicy spirit is transferred into our seasoned Minnesota barrels that held our Apple Brandy based on cider from Minnesota-grown apples.  The result is an intriguing mix of pepper from the rye balanced by subtle notes of caramel and vanilla with a silky smooth finish from the apple brandy.  Best served straight.  80 proof


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J. Carver Rye Whiskey

Standout pre-prohibition rye cocktails require a bold, standout whiskey!  This Minnesota whiskey offers the spicy, robust character of rye with a smooth finish softened by the sweetness of corn.  Handcrafted and slowly distilled with grains grown near the distillery and aged in charred barrels coopered in Minnesota.  Cowboys and classic cocktails beg for this non-chill filtered rye whiskey!  Mash bill 60 per cent rye, 30 per cent corn, and 10 percent malted barley.  92 proof