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J. Carver Gin

For many, this is "the first gin I ever liked", and it was designed that way!  Handcrafted from J. Carver Premium Vodka and carefully distilled with a hand-selected mix of nine botanicals, traditional juniper is balanced with select citrus notes and anise.  Best consumed neat or to compliment classic cocktails.  80 proof

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Grimm Farm Gin

Named after Carver County’s legendary Wendelin Grimm, this "gin-lover's gin" stands alone in its use of two botanicals unique to Minnesota - Grimm's everlasting clover and wild rice.  Based on Lake House Vodka and distilled with the flavors of twelve other botanicals including cardamom, orris root and grains of paradise, this 92-proof gin makes any martini or pre-prohibition cocktail stand out. 92 proof

Barrel Gin

Yes!  It's gold in color!  Yet this "whiskey-lover's gin" has become the darling spirit of top mixologists across Minnesota.  Dynamic and complex, this gin is distilled with eleven botanicals including orange and cinnamon and finished in new charred oak barrels coopered in Minnesota.  This hearty, 96-proof gin adds something special to gin and whiskey-based cocktails, and begs to be sipped neat or on ice. 96 proof

J. Carver Steinhager Style Gin

J. Carver Steinhager Style Gin was developed in collaboration with the landmark "Black Forest Inn" of Minneapolis.  Using our red winter wheat vodka and juniper as the sole botanical, this sweet, soft, and straightforward gin is popular with many Minnesotans of German heritage.  Steinhager-Style gin is traditionally served frozen as a shot accompanied by a German beer, known as a beer and a bump. Prost! 80 proof