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J. Carver Grappa

Grappa is a fragrant, high-proof alcohol of Italian origin that is produced from grape solids left over from the pressings for the wine, or pomace. It is fermented and distilled in clear grape spirit, with no water added. Like wine, the flavor of grappa varies according to the grape variety used since the flavor comes from the skins of the grapes. The three grappas available to the Minnesota market are an approachable, New World style of Grappa.

J. Carver Marquette Grappa

Truly the first all-Minnesota Grappa, made from cool climate grapes developed at the University of Minnesota, grown and pressed at the three local Waconia wineries - Parley Lake Winery, Schram Vineyard, and Soveriegn Estate Winery!  Fermented and distilled in our 140-liter pot still, the result is a soft, approachable, brandy-like spirit with a pleasant aroma!  Minnesota Grappa!  Whoda thunk?

J. Carver Merlot Grappa

J. Carver Merlot Grappa is a collaborative effort using Merlot pomace sourced from Parley Lake Winery and Sovereign Estate, both located within miles of the distillery in Waconia, Minnesota. The aroma of red fruits on the nose lends to warmth and herbaceous flavors on the finish.  This is a grappa well suited for making cocktails.

J. Carver Syrah Grappa

Made from grapes hand-selected by Sovereign Estate, J. Carver Grappa is distilled using Syrah pomace from the wine making process. The aroma has hints of pepper and spicy undertones with ripe, black fruit on the palate. A perfect digestif after a meal.

J. Carver Sangiovese Grappa

Distilled from the pressed Sangiovese skins, J. Carver Sangiovese Grappa is a full bodied grappa with balanced complexity imbued by resting in oak barrels. The kiss of oak adds a pale, golden hue and rich flavor notes of vanilla, cinnamon and licorice.